• Why is the technology called “sens07”?

    The protective technology built in this new inflator device is continuously 'sensing', if the wearer of the sens07-equipped jacket is not in danger. So it's like a 'seventh sense' helping to protect the wearer from harm. This is why we called it "sens-o-seven" .

  • Does sens07 react to air humidity, spray water or rain?

    No, air humidity, spray or rain have no impact at all. The water sensor / detector of sens07 checks, if it is submerged in water. Therefore, humidity, drops or splashes are recognized as not being a dangerous water immersion. This is especially very important for professionals, military, navy, coast guard or rescue services. With sens07-equipped jackets there is never again a reason, not to wear the jacket which greatly adds to the protection of the staff.

  • What happens if sens07 is accidentally dropped into water?

    Nothing will happen. The drowning risk computation of sens07 is calculated based on the values of several sensor signals. The single presence of water is not considered as a risk situation per se. However, the integrator / jacket producer can reconfigure this behaviour if so required by the clients.

  • Can I swim with an automatic life jacket equipped with sens07 technology?

    Yes, if needed! This is one of the great innovations of sens07 ! The life jacket producer or the client organization using sens07-equipped jackets (e.g. a water rescue organization, fire fighters, etc.) can configure sens07 so that swimming or even diving for a short time is allowed. Of course, during all of these activities the wearers are constantly supervised and monitored and if any of the parameters (e.g. depth, time, movement, etc. ) is measured to be outside the pre-defined threshold, the sens07 will act an rescue the person.

  • Does sens07 work for different buoyancy size life jackets?

    Since sens07 is the inflation trigger, it is independent from the buoyancy size of the life jackets to which it is applied. All available CO2 cylinder sizes with the standard threads ½ or 3/8 inch can be used.

  • Can I use the sens07 inflation head on my existing life jacket?

    Since all of the existing life jacket inflation systems consisting of several parts had to undergo severe testing and certification in order to make sure that they really work in emergency situations, we do not recommend at all to use parts from other systems and swap them with other inflations systems. sens07 heads should only be used with base pieces marked with the sens07 logo to make sure that the system always works in an optimized way. Using base pieces or inflator heads from other producers most probably will result in the system not working as designed and therefore risking the lives of the wearers! For modern and well maintained life jackets it is in most cases possible to retrofit the entire sens07 system consisting of the electronic inflator head, the actor capsule and the sens07 base piece to an existing jacket type. In any case, seek advise of an authorized dealer of your life jacket to check if your jacket has been approved to be sens07-equipped and – in the positive case – execute the transformation.

  • How flexible can the sens07 be configured for special applications?

    The sens07 technology has been developed to be configurable to always, in any situation that professional users may encounter give them the best possible protection. We therefore created the sens07 App which allows the well-trained and authorized instructor to change / adapt a large set of parameters of the sens07 drowning risk calculation algorithm. The flexibility is almost unlimited. For client organisations requiring that their user groups have several “profiles” stored on their sens07, this is possible. For instance: Coast guard servicemen might have several profiles stored on their sens07 life jacket and – accoding to the mission to be fulfilled – will select the adequate profile for best protection, but yet giving the best possible freedom of movement inside and outside the water for carrying out their mission. Since the options offered by sens07 technology are vast, please contact us for more details.