• sens07 powered life jacket inflate in perilous situation only

  • Safety of the crew is key.
    with sensor-guided life jackets

  • Mission tailored protection with sens07 powered life jackets

  • Get the job done! Intelligent drowing protection for any task

proven airbag technology for life jackets


sens07 is a microprocessor-controlled inflator modul applicable to a large variety of life jackets. Inflation time is based on a patented risk calculation algorithm considering static limit settings as well as dynamic behaviour in water. This allows to distinguish normal water contact  from perilous drowning risk.

In professional application, the configuration for different situations or users can be transferred wirelessly to the sens07 inflator modul using a smartphone (IOS, Android).

sens07 works autonomously and doesn't need any activation, maintenance or battery exchange / charge. An extensive self test of all critical elements informs the user of the readiness of the system.


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Most existing automatic life-jackets can be equipped with sens07 inflation technology.

All buoyancy sizes from 150 N up to 300 N (according to the latest ISO 12402 standards) can be fitted, since sens07 uses the same standard bladder nozzle and CO2 gas cylinders as have been proven in millions of existing life jackets.

In addition, sens07 offers for the first time the protection of convenient automatic inflatable jackest for situations where persons have contact to water or are even in the water!

The sens07 protection technology is completely inert against high air huminidy, rain, spray or wadding in mud or in flooded areas. Even swimming at the surface or diving is possible depending on the actual configuration.

«....I am convinced that sens07 inflation technology is a game changer in the entire water safety and water rescue industry. Finally, modern microprocessor and sensor technologies have arrived in this critical application. It will help reduce casualties like seat belts and airbags did in cars....»

Well-known safety industry professional

Key Features of Sens07


For Users

  • Works autonomously, no activation or battery exchange / charge
  • Easy self-test with clear red or green light indication
  • Completely inert to air humidity, water splash or rain
  • No inflation by accidental water contact
  • Replacement part change as easy as changing a light bulb
  • Easy replacement part order using the smartphone app
  • Stay in contact with your provider using the smartphone app

For Integrators / Life Jacket Producers

  • Similar footprint to conventional inflators -> easy integration
  • Connects to the standard valve pin of conventional bladders
  • Consists of the same elements as conventional inflators:
    CO2 cylinder, Base module, Inflator head & replacement module
  • Fully programmable behaviour using the sens07 smartphone app
  • Customer retention by smartphone app
  • Customisation for special applications on request (see FAQ)

Do you want to know more?

See FAQ or contact us...

Technical caracteristics

  • Dimension: Length without CO2: 30mm, Width: 30mm
  • Weight: 94 gr. (excl. base module and CO2 cylinder)
  • Sealing: Completely inert against air humidity and water spray (IP68 up to 5m)
  • Material: Glass reinforced polycarbonate or stainless steel
  • Temperature range: - 20 to + 60 degrees Celsius
  • Battery type: Lithium-Polymer battery gives a life span of min. 5 years
  • Self-test: Battery, CPU, all sensors, correctly inserted and unused activator device
  • Compatibility: Compatible to all bladders with standard valve pin
  • CO2 cylinder: 3/8 inch thread
  • Certification: Meets ISO 12402-6 Standard (in preparation)
  • Transport: Allowed in aircraft cabins based on ATAG and 1.4s 
  • App platform: Android or IOS for iPhone and iPad Version 7 and above

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