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Smart Technology for
Professional & Military Applications

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Safety of the crew
is key with sensor-guided life jackets

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Optimal protection in changing missions
with SENS07 Powered Life Jackets



The microprocessor controlled inflator

sens07 is a microprocessor-controlled inflator module applicable to a large variety of life jackets.
Inflation time is based on a patented risk calculation algorithm considering static limit settings as well as dynamic behaviour in water.
This allows to distinguish normal water contact from perilous drowning risk.

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"I am convinced that sens07 inflation technology is a game changer in the entire water safety and water rescue industry. Finally, modern microprocessor and sensor technologies have arrived in this critical application. It will help reduce casualties like seat belts and airbags did in cars." image descriptionwell-known safety industry professional


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  • Works autonomously

    For at least 5 years, no activation or battery exchange/charge.

  • Easy replacement part

    Replacement part change as easy as changing a light bulb.

  • No inflation by accident

    No inflation by accidental water contact, non-critical water contact.

  • Easy connectivity

    Connects to the standard valve pin of conventional bladders.

  • Conventional inflaters elements

    Consists of the same elements as conventional inflators: CO2 cylinder, base module, Inflator head & actor capsule.

  • Completely inert

    To air humidity, water splash or rain.

  • Customisation on request

    Customisation for special applications on request.

  • Easy system integration

    Similar dimension to conventional inflators. Easy integration.

  • Easy self-test

    With clear red or green light indication.

  • Customisable behaviour

    Customisable behaviour using the sens07 smartphone app

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  • New microprocessor

    sensO7 Professional is equipped with a new, stronger microprocessor and more memory

  • Easy deactivation

    With an easy push of the sens07 button, the inflator can be deactivated and reactivated

  • Easy like pressing a button

    Different, user-predefined mission profiles permanently stored on the sens07 Professional. User can select a profile without using a smartphone app just by pressing the sens07 button.

  • Redesigned app

    Completely redesigned sens07 smartphone app optimised especially for professional users.

  • Bigger range

    Operation range between surface and depths of up to 3 Om


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    Activates on water contact

    sens07 switches on automatically and is therefore always in operation. There is no power switch, which could be forgotten.

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    Dynamic drowning risk calculation

    Life Jacket inflation is based on a dynamic drowning risk calculation using different build-in sensors. Instant user interaction under water influencing drowning risk calculation is possible by a suspend button.

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    No batteries to charge or to replace

    No battery handling due to sens07 ultra low power consumption design. The lifetime of the built-in battery is at least 5 years or more

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    Full customization by smartphone

    The sens07 algorithm, features and user interface can be fully customized to special needs by a smartphone. The smartphone is an option and not needed for operation.

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    Interactive self test

    Pressing the self-test button gives a clear and interactive feedback confirming fully operational sens07 device. The self-test covers battery status, sensor and microprocessor checks as well as a fresh and correctly inserted activation module.

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    Easy replacement of activator

    Replacing a used activator module is as easy as replacing a light bulp and doesn’t need a special set-up. Correct replacement is confirmed by a positive self-test

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    User interaction in operation

    sens07 is constantly calculating drowning risk and inflates in perilous situations. However, a suspend button allows to override an upcoming inflation inflation for a short time ( adjustable by the APP)

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    Similar size to conventional inflators

    Similar size and identical connection to the bladder air pin allows easy integration into Life Jackets


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  • SAFE

    sens07 extends the usage of automatic Life Jackets to a large area of new applications not covered by automatic life jackets yet.


    Sens07 protects professionals working close or even in water from drowning by calculating the actual drowning risk.


    Inflation of the Life Jacket is triggered as soon as the drowning risks goes over a programmed threshold.


    A smartphone APP allows to apply pre-programmed applications or to configure own parameters for special applications.


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    Rain, waves, swimming, diving is OK

    Inflation is on high drowning risk only. Water contact like rain, spray, waves, air humidity has no influence. Based on configuration, even short swimming or diving is possible.

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    New application for automatic life jackets

    sens07 technology extends the usage of automatic life jacket to a wide range of new applications not possible by using conventional inflator systems


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Length without CO2: 30mm, Width: 30mm.
94 gr. (excl. base module and CO2 cylinder)
Completely inert against air humidity and water spray
Glass reinforced polycarbonate
Temperature range:
- 30 to 80 degrees Celsius
Lithium-Polymer battery gives a life span of min. 5 years without charging or replacing
Battery, CPU, all sensors, correctly inserted and unused activator device
Compatible with all bladders with standard valve air pin
½ inch or 3/8 inch thread
Meets ISO 12402-6 Standard (in preparation)
All buoyancy ranges from 150N to 300N can be fitted
App platform: Android or iOS (iOS 10 and above)